Sritawat Law. In-depth legal understanding on your side.

Our team has experience in all aspects of litigation and adjudication, from trial to appeal, from arbitration to regulatory panels. With our expertise and the experience, we will guide you to practical, creative, and cost-effective solutions, no matter the dispute.

  • Shareholder disputes
  • Trustee / beneficiary disputes
  • Financial product mis-selling claims
  • Civil fraud claims
  • Breach of contract/covenant claims
  • Professional negligence
  • Injunctions / disclosure orders
  • Conflict of laws and jurisdictional disputes
  • Banking litigation

Over the years, we have developed a good relationship with many Thai courts, ministries, and regulatory bodies so that we can get off-the-record advice to better develop our strategies for you. We have represented the large international interests as well as individuals, local and foreign, so we understand legal issues from every angle.


We will prepare you for every contingency, and we will take every step to avoid a long litigation or arbitration process, negotiating for your best result. Specific examples of our experience includes:


Corporate Matters


Litigation / lawsuits

  • Uni San Pol Co., Ltd.: represented this leading planner of industrial wastewater treatment systems in Thailand successfully in a lawsuit against Unilever (Thailand) Ltd. for impinging on Uni San Pol’s knowhow, ending with a judge ordering Unilever to pay damages to Uni San Pol.
  • Bualuangmarble Ltd.: represented this major Thai marble contractor on claims and suits against debtors, as well as on prosecuting a lawsuit involving regulations for large constructions.
  • Home and Materials Ltd.: represented this construction material company on claims and suits against debtors.
  • Grammar Capital Consolidated Fund / Kasikorn Bank: represented opposing party litigating against these financial institutions.
  • Thai Roong Ruang Industry Ltd. / Thai Sugar Mill Ltd. / Thai Udonthani Sugar Mill Ltd.: represented these sugar manufacturers in breach of contract lawsuits involving international trade and transportation laws.

Corporate legal advice

  • Banpong Tapioca Ltd.: advises this second-largest tapioca flour manufacturer in Thailand on international law and trade issues.
  • Otis Elevator Ltd. / Sigma Elevator (Thailand) Co., Ltd.: advises these two multinational elevator and escalator companies on legal, tax, and corporate issues.
  • Toyota (Thailand) Ltd. / Isuzu (Thailand) Ltd.: advised these major car companies on contract negotiations and on copyright infringement cases.
  • Kanchanaburi Industrial Zone Co., Ltd.: acted as legal consultant to advise potential foreign investors interested in developing business in Kanchanaburi.


  • Top Class Entertainment Ltd. / Lee La Ngam Ltd. / Acid High Ltd.: advised and represented this group of entertainment and hospitality companies on corporate legal matters and on their bankruptcy proceedings, negotiating with debtors and creditors and on the rehabilitation plan for their businesses to recover.
  • Volclay Siam Ltd. / Ihara Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd.: advised these Japanese companies on corporate legal matters and on planning their company structures.
  • Taokaenoi Food & Marketing PCL: represents and advises this publicly listed Thai snack food company on general corporate and securities law matters.




Sritawat Law is extremely well-versed in representing clients at the Thailand Arbitration Center, with a majority of clients being foreign investors who are in disputes with Thai parties


Family and Criminal Law


In addition to corporate clients, Sritawat Law works on family law and criminal cases, specializing in advocating for foreigners seeking to protect their rights in Thailand.